Short fills

Short Fills, What are they? Why don't they have Nicotine? Lets answer a few of these questions. 

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Short Fills or Shake n Vape e-liquids are bottles of vape juice which have space in them for a nicotine shot to be added. They are sold as a 0 mg liquid with a Nicotine shot which will bring the liquid to a 3 mg as standard (Some companies have slight variations)

Prior to the TPD law which came out in early summer of 2017 E-liquids had very few regulations around them. They could be mixed by anyone without testing and without being registered. 
While this gave the vaping world alot of freedom it also brought some risks of low quality ingredients with it and this is why the TPD law was adopted by nearly all EU countries. 

Since then the law states that all liquids containing Nicotine can only be in bottle of 10ml or smaller. For the heavy vaper this can be a problem as you vape your way through a 10ml bottle very fast and this is why Shortfills were created.