Base e-Liquid

Do you want to make your own flavours? Have a look at our section of Base e-liquid. The base is of pharmaceutical quality and available in different PG/VG levels.

Vegetable Glycerin 

This is a thick liquid almost like a syrup. It is used in many foods, medicines and healthcare products as a base for medicine or a sweetner in foods and drinks. 
This is responsible for the look of vapor when you exhale a puff. It does not give any feeling to the back of the throat and therefor is used in higher quantities in liquids pertaining to shisha styled vapes. 

Propylene Glycol

This is a very fluid liquid that mimics water. It is also used in many foods, medications, healthcare products and inhalers. 
PG is responsible for the feeling to the back of your throat, that kick that feels like a traditional cigarette. It also carries flavour much better than VG. You will find this used in higher quantities in vapes/ electronic cigarettes that mimic a traditional cigarette. 

Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots are used to add nicotine to 0 MG liquids. Designed firstly to be added to short fill e-liquids by adding a 10 ml nicotine shot to a 50 ml bottle of nicotine free liquid creating a 3MG liquid overall.