Nasty Juice - Devil Teeth - 50ML

Nasty Juice

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Nasty Juice - Devil Teeth - 50ML 

Nasty Juice Devil Teeth is a delicious honeydew flavour. It is a must try for fruity lovers! Nasty Juice Devil Teeth has a superior taste without having too much of a cooling aftertaste.

Shake & Vape mix ratio's
The Shake & Vape bottle is filled with 50ml of liquid with a higher concentrate ratio then the normal 10ml bottles. In the 60ml bottle there is exactly 10ml space left for 1 nicotine booster. Add a 10ml nicotine booster to get the desired mix ratio;

10 ml 18mg/ml nicotinebooster = 3mg / ml Nasty Juice
5 ml 18mg/ml nicotinebooster = 1.5mg / ml Nasty Juice
Nasty Juice has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70.