How To Order Online

Ordering online can be a bit difficult and even intimidating sometimes, but we're here to help make it a breeze for you.

We know it can be difficult for some of our clients to order their products online, but we are always looking out and doing our best for our clients so we are giving you a step by step tutorial of how to order from our shop online.


Orders placed today will be delivered tomorrow.

Our delivery applies to ALL MALTA and is FREE OF CHARGE



One can order on three platforms:
1) Facebook, by sending us a message on our page,

2) MobileWhatsapp or Text Message on:


3) Website


1+ 2 ) How to Order on Facebook or Mobile/Whatsapp:

You can order by contacting us on our facebook page or via mobile or whatsapp. Just send us your information mentioned below, and we will process your order for you. 


3) How to Order on Our Website:


Step 1: Find the products you want and add them to cart.

There's multiple ways one can find the product they want, If you have something in mind, we suggest you use the Search bar, where you input keywords of your desired product and you will automatically be directed to it.

On the other hand, if you feel like browsing, you can check out or product categories on the side to see whole lists of all the items we have in stock.

Step 2: Choose Variant (if applicable), quantity and add to cart or buy straight away.

Once you have selected your products, you can add them to your cart, or if you just want one item, you can just click on checkoutto instantly go to checkout.


Step 3: Check your Cart, Go to Checkout.

Once you have chosen all the products you need, you can click on the Cart button at the top right corner of the website to check the products that you have selected to buy.
Once you confirmed that you have the correct items in your cart, click CHECK OUT to finalize your order.

Once you click check out, It will ask you for some information which we need in order to process your order. You can input your information in the text box below and click continue to shipping, where you will be redirected to a page where you can choose to pay via Bank Transfer or Cash or Card on delivery (2)

Step 4: Complete your order:

Once you have selected a payment method (square), you can go ahead and confirm your information and Complete your order (circle).  Once you have completed your order, it will be processed and prepared for delivery.